Restaurants & Bars

Whether you’re looking for an elegant meal, an epicurean adventure, or prefer to dine on a budget, there’s a restaurant in San Mateo to satisfy every culinary craving.



Life is short – just skip to dessert. Homemade cannoli’s, ice cream, cupcakes, artisan chocolates are only a few of the tempting treats to discover.


Coffee & Tea

Local, regional and national coffee and tea shops all have a place in San Mateo. Each lives in harmony and caters to a diverse clientele. Find the one that fits your unique personality.


Specialty Foods

When you need a unique gift, a hard to find ingredient, or want to diversify from normal takeout, you’ll want to explore San Mateo’s specialty food shops. Ethnic markets, handcrafted confections, and homemade pastas are only a few of the specialty items you’ll find.

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